Ongoing Classes

Tuesdays, 1:00 pm – Women’s Bible Study
Discussion Leader: Dana Pratt
This discussion group chooses its own topics. Always a lively and interesting interchange!

Tuesdays, 7:00 pm – Round-Table Discussion Class
Discussion Leader: Ray Pratt
Open to all. Chapter by chapter, we read and discuss a book of the Bible. We’re currently studying the Book of Acts.

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Fall Term Classes

Living Sacrifice
Wednesdays, September 6 – October 4, 7:00pm  (5 weeks)

Song of Solomon
Thursdays, September 7 – October 5, 7:00pm  (5 weeks)

Understanding the Bible’s Big Picture
Wednesdays, October 11 – November 15, 7:00pm  (6 weeks)
Instructor: Dean Brown

We all spend time looking at many small items scattered throughout the Bible and try to put them in context. Occasionally, however, it is good to look at the Bible as an integrated whole. To do that in this six-week study, we will use the thought experiment of changing the published order of the 66 books. This thought experiment will give us a chance to think about how each of the 66 books of the Bible combines to tell one unfolding story, and in turn will give us a better understanding of the context of Scripture when we go back to looking at individual books, chapters, verses, and events.

King David’s Diary
Thursdays, October 12 – November 9, 7:00pm  (5 weeks)
Instructor: Levi Gelineau

The Book of the Psalms is one of the most popular in Scripture. Studying David’s life through the prism of the Psalms is a truly unique biblical experience! Nowhere else are we given the “personal diary” perspective that David recorded. This series offers new insight into David’s thinking as he penned these heartfelt words of faith. David’s timeless words model righteous, God-like mental processing for us as believers today. Join us for an exciting class delving into the spiritual mind of this “man after God’s own heart!”

Holiday Class

Little Words, Big Meanings
Thursdays, November 30 & December 7, 7:00pm  (2 weeks)
Instructor: Jonathan Sabo

In this class we will look at some of the little words used in scripture – those that wouldn’t jump out at us at first glance. Sometimes the very words we may pass over when reading quickly through a passage carry tremendous meaning. We will look at how these types of words transform the sentences and context in which they are used. The exhortation behind this lesson is the principle that life is made up of the little things. Our walk toward the Kingdom of God consists of an accumulation of almost insignificant tiny steps. Though seemingly small, these little things can have great ramifications in our spiritual life and, ultimately, our salvation.

Not in Urbana?

Even if you do not live in the Urbana/Champaign area, you can still attend our classes!  For our Wednesday and Thursday classes you can connect via video conferencing.

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