Self-Study Courses

Register for our self-study courses, and study at your own pace!

Four courses are available, from introductory to more advanced. All courses present Bible information regarding God’s purpose for mankind, as revealed in both the Old Testament and New Testament.  Each lesson comes with a list of questions to be answered and returned for review. It is preferable to come in person, but we can make arrangements to conduct the course by mail.

Students who complete a course will be given a certificate of completion.

God’s Master Plan

8 lessons
This introductory course allows the student to quickly gain an overview of what God has in store for planet Earth, and how men and women can be part of the Master Plan.

Bible Fundamentals

18 lessons
Our second-level course reinforces and expands on the major themes introduced in the first course, and presents the fundamental concepts relating to salvation in Jesus Christ: why we need salvation, what we are saved from, and what we are saved for.

Exploring the Bible

27 lessons
The third-level course is called Exploring the Bible – and it will help you do just that! Beginning in Genesis and following through the Bible, key Bible themes, events and teachings are explored. This course requires significantly more reading, both in the lesson material and in the Bible.

First Principles of the One Faith

40 lessons
Our most advanced self-study course. Bible truth from Old and New Testaments is presented thematically. For all the courses, it can be helpful to work with a volunteer tutor at the Center. For this course, a tutor is required. You will still do the studies on your own, but you will work one-on-one with the tutor to review the material and your completed question sheets.